Huffington Post: UN in Kenya Condemns Mandera Terror Attack

On behalf of the United Nations(UN) family in Kenya, I wish to express our horror and sadness at the reports of a terror attack that took place on Thursday 06 October 2016 in Bulla, Mandera County. We strongly denounce the heinous act that has once again taken the lives of innocent men and women.
The attack brought to a brutal end the aspirations of men and women who were part of our collective human family, and we are therefore equally hurt by the heartless action of the attackers.
The attack comes at a time when the region and Kenya in general have been experiencing relative calm and we commend the government and security apparatus for the progress made so far in preventing such attacks. It is due to their swift response and readiness to serve that the security forces were able to save the lives of many other Kenyans in this latest attack. 

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