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Reuters: Sexual Violence in South Sudan-A Tactic of War

Rebecca’s story is, sadly not uncommon, but is characteristic of the “new normal” where the tyranny of sexual violence is used as a weapon of war in many conflicts. It is being used for political ends, for ethnic cleansing and to sow terror and cause panic amongst civilians. It is destroying lives, fuelling the conflict, creating more refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs). In South Sudan this may be jeopardizing any hope for a ceasefire as well as undermining the long-term prospects for reconciliation. My take:

Reuters: From Sweden, India to Kenya, men must take a stand to protect women: #HeForShe

Every day women all over the world pay a price for unequal power relations between women and men. Whether it is a woman being stripped on a street in Nairobi for being “indecently” dressed, an Indian student gang-raped in a bus, a Swedish girl beaten unconscious by her boyfriend or a female manager passed over for promotion they all represent the ultimate consequences of societal attitudes put in place to hold women down. The end result? Through various types of control and intimidation half of humanity is stopped from enjoying their human rights. My take.