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Huffington Post India: Two Years After the Delhi Gang Rape, Is India Losing Its Moral Moorings?

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his first Independence Day speech took on the topic of rape. He told parents, "to do a better job of raising their sons." As a culture, Indians continue to value their sons over their daughters. Boys are taught that girls are subordinate to them. They are shown that girls do not deserve the same amount of education, do not enjoy the same rights and do not matter as much as boys. My take in Huffington Post India:

Reuters: We cannot abandon Kenya’s Mandera County as medics flee Islamist attacks

Fear has gripped Kenya’s northeastern Mandera County.  On December 2, Islamic militants attacked a quarry near Mandera town and executed 36 innocent workers, just days after the  hijacking  of a Nairobi-bound bus outside the town and the killing of 28 passengers. As a result of the insecurity, public servants -- especially teachers and doctors, who suffered the brunt of the bus attack -- are leaving Mandera.  My OP-ED in Reuters