Paradise Lost- Violence, terror and failed governance in India's Kashmir

"Image of a 'stone pelter' tied in front of a jeep as a 'human shield',will 4 ever haunt the Indian Army & the nation!" Indian Army's Lieutenent General HS Panag, PVSM, AVSM, (Retd) via twitter

The recent image of a young Kashmiri man tied to an Army jeep as a human shield was heartbreaking to see. This is not the Army I know.

I am an Indian Army veteran having served in the Special Forces. I have been in combat and have been decorated for gallantry. 

That image is contrary to what the Indian Army personifies. The Indian Army is a fine institution to which I owe my foundation to.

Countless cheer leaders and trolls have taken to twitter to insult and abuse military veterans who have objected to the way the Kashmiri man was treated. 

One of India's highly regarded retired military generals, Lt Gen HS Panag was humiliated on twitter for having responded to this human rights violation in Kashmir.

U r a Pak supporter, wish you were kicked,beaten & humiliated on the streets of & then wd hv seen ur reaction..

Here is my response to the twitter assault on General Panag.

Frankly as a Nation state we have failed to find peace. We are becoming a dangerously belligerent society and this is reflected in the way we treat each other. Violence against minorities, violence against women and girls, violence against people of different religions, castes, races and colours. The list is endless. 

Who would ever believe that India was the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi, the paradigm of non-violence, peace and kindness! Are we at a cross road of losing our humanity?

The Indian Army is the epitome of unity in diversity, where people are judged for their competence and abilities and not their religion, caste, creed or clan. In fact the Army is a beacon of hope, tolerance, equality and lives by the credo of alacrity and service to the country.

As an Army, we must uphold the values that we cherish, the importance of human rights, the rule of law, guardians of the country's safety and security, a role model for India's  youthful population and Zero Tolerance for misconduct & indiscipline, regardless of rank or station.

Otherwise our democracy is in jeopardy and "we the people" are in a downward spiral of chaos and inhumanity.

The Army however is being used and abused and is at the frontline of dealing with India's failed politics, policies and diplomacy. The protracted use of the Army is taking a huge human toll on the soldiers and their families.

In the conflicts that are raging in India everyone loses, there are no winners.  We have to find peace, harmony and accommodation within and without.

Here is my perspective.

There are no martyrs- Only shattered dreams and broken homes


  1. True but all we do is elucidate all the problems including our veterans . Nobody gives any constructive solutions to problems which are mired in politics, corruption and God's know what all.
    Soldiers of the army unfortunately bear the brunt of follies of their political masters.
    So how are we to regain the Paradise is the question which defies all.


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