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Huffington Post India: Two Years After the Delhi Gang Rape, Is India Losing Its Moral Moorings?

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his first Independence Day speech took on the topic of rape. He told parents, "to do a better job of raising their sons." As a culture, Indians continue to value their sons over their daughters. Boys are taught that girls are subordinate to them. They are shown that girls do not deserve the same amount of education, do not enjoy the same rights and do not matter as much as boys. My take in Huffington Post India:

Reuters: We cannot abandon Kenya’s Mandera County as medics flee Islamist attacks

Fear has gripped Kenya’s northeastern Mandera County.  On December 2, Islamic militants attacked a quarry near Mandera town and executed 36 innocent workers, just days after the  hijacking  of a Nairobi-bound bus outside the town and the killing of 28 passengers. As a result of the insecurity, public servants -- especially teachers and doctors, who suffered the brunt of the bus attack -- are leaving Mandera.  My OP-ED in Reuters

Huffington Post: Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya -- When Will It End?

When you Google images of "FGM girls" you would be shocked at the eye popping and stomach churning images. The brutality inflicted on young girls in tragic. Nashiru, a practitioner of female genital mutilation (FGM) in a Maasai community in Kenya, says, "Cutting girls is something our people have done for hundreds of years. No one can convince us that it is wrong".  But Kenya can change this and can serve as a model for other countries where the scourge of FGM continues. My take.

Huffington Post: Changing Lives, One Woman at a Time: Maternal Health in Kenya

My opinion piece togther with Dr Abbas Gullet, Secretary General of the Kenya Red Cross. Advancing the maternal and child health agenda in Kenya requires collective action from the international development community, donors and local organizations and communities. Together we must ensure that mothers survive childbirth and ensure children have a safe and healthy start to life. Delivering on this agenda is within our reach --'no woman should die giving life'

Huffington Post: Corruption -- An Epidemic of Epic Scale in India

Starting on Monday, April 7, 2014 more than 800 million voters began to cast their ballots at 930,000 polling stations in the first phase of an election process that will last for more than six weeks. This arrives at the end of a particularly ugly campaign cycle where politicians have traded allegations and counter-allegations of corruption. It is clear that unless corruption becomes the most important election issue for the average citizen when going to the polls, things are unlikely to change. Indeed, it is our civil society and 'we, the people' who have to stand up peacefully and resist corruption. Here is the Link.

Huffington Post: International Women's Day: Sexual Violence and 'Honor Inequality' in India

March 8, 2014 was International Women's Day. It also marked the 39th year since the United Nations declared the year 1975 as the International Women's Year. This year's theme is, "Equality for women is progress for all." But what does this day mean for India's women? My take.

The Huffington Post: The Tyranny of Intellectual Disability: Lack of Options

Despite the fact that there are an estimated 200,000,000 people in the world with an intellectual disability, the profound challenges they face in the Global South is a key development issue that is just now coming to light. Ultimately, having options means having choices. And thankfully, some key actors like the Special Olympics in the development community have chosen to take steps in this big fight. A tribute to Tim Shriver whose mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver, started the Special Olympics and Tim carries the light that illuminates the plight of intellectual disability with aplomb and great zeal.

Huffington Post: Married Young: The Scourge of Child Brides in South Asia

Child marriage is both the symptom of a patriarchal society unwilling to let women progress and the cause of other gender-based issues such as economic marginalization and poor health care. It will be impossible to completely eradicate child marriage without changing archaic social values in South Asian society. 11 October 2014 is the  International Day of the Girl Child . Will this New Year be a harbinger of positive change?  Here is a link to my article.