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Revolutionizing Better Health for “Every Women Every Child”

Mothers in northern Kenya with their children at a free medical clinic - photo credit Islamic Relief Kenya is one of the countries where maternal health is still lagging far behind.  It is ranked among the 10 most dangerous countries for a woman to be pregnant and give birth.  21 women die every day due to preventable pregnancy-related complications, while 1 in 19 children never live to see their fifth birthday. Kenya has a tremendous opportunity to do even more to help women and children have better healthcare, and so improve their lives.  That’s why at the beginning of December 2015, partners from Government of Kenya, the UN, civil society, private sector and development institutions came together for a workshop organized by the World Economic Forum, Ministry of Health Kenya, World Bank and UNFPA. The workshop was to forge a new way ahead to discuss a roadmap for partnerships that can  leapfrog  the health care services for improving the health status of Kenya’s women and

Reuters: When The Menstrual Cycle Becomes A Question Of Human Rights

Women in Meru county examine a Menstrual cup. Photo Credit: Wikimedia commons. The onset of menstruation is a landmark event in the life of a young woman. Yet many complications and challenges accompany such an event. One in 10 adolescent girls miss school and eventually drop out due to menstruation-related issues. As we celebrate a new year, the best gift we can give our girls is an action-plan backed resolution in 2016 that this will no longer be their lot.  Sanitary pads or  menstrual cups  must be priced reasonably.   There’s no force more powerful for transforming a society than an educated girl.  Any steps taken to eliminate circumstances that keep girls out of school can only be beneficial to our collective future. My take: